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CRL Mirror Rosettes, Buds And Supplies.
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Item #: 50
Our Price: $0.38
Item #: F120
Our Price: $0.16
Item #: 3011119
Our Price: $0.60
Item #: MR1SBRZ
Our Price: $17.43
Item #: 7334
Our Price: $0.12
Item #: HB118
Our Price: $0.17
Item #: MG40
Our Price: $47.87
Item #: 7358
Our Price: $0.09
Item #: MR2SPW
Our Price: $33.03
Item #: TH34
Our Price: $1.18
Item #: F200
Our Price: $0.94
Item #: 3015150
Our Price: $0.55
Item #: MR2SBRZ
Our Price: $46.14
Item #: MR2RPW
Our Price: $46.14
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Showing 1-30 of 37 Results
Mirror rosettes add flair to mirror mounts and can be used to mount frameless wall decor. Mirror rosettes also do a great job at concealing screws and frame joints. It's easy to add a stylish touch to a room with a few artfully-placed rosettes. We stock mirror rosettes in a variety of traditional and modern designs, and in several colors. If you don't see the color you want, it's super easy to paint or decorate them to match your color scheme.
Product is exactly as described, very well made, easy to install and gave me exactly the look I desired. The packaging was robust, the cost for delivery was high, probably due to the glass weight. All in all very satisfied with the product and service. Jim D - James D, - SC, United States
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