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Partition Posts And Sneeze Guard Systems.
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Sneeze guard posts and partitions divide areas while maintaining the appearance, and feeling, of open space. They enable customers to see food, and food preparation areas, while still protecting those clean areas from contamination. In addition to providing protection, proper selection from our variety of designs enhances customer experience.

DK Hardware stocks all the equipment necessary to create a custom sneeze guard and partition post system appropriate for the decor -- whether contemporary, elegant, or sculptured. Depending on the posts and hardware chosen, a sneeze guard can virtually disappear into the background while providing practical food security.

Angled fronts, wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted or freestanding sneeze guard posts and partitions are available in a wide variety of sizes and finishes. In addition, clients can design their ideal solution, ranging from simple vertical partitions through a variety of angles providing protection frome one, or many, directions.

CRL's line of high-end sneeze guard post and partition systems is installed in countless salad bars, cafeterias, buffets, and counter-tops around the world. CR Laurence has a well-earned reputation for setting standards for innovation, performance, quality, and variety of products. DK Hardware is pround to offer the complete line of CRL's sneeze guard posts and partition systems for you and your clients.

i find your hardware a little pricey and shipping is ridiculously high in cost .i do need it so i am paying what your asking . - dean e,
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