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CRL Glass Scalloping Tool and Positioner

Item # ST719
CRL Glass Scalloping Tool and Positioner
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Make Beautiful Scalloped Edges Without MachinerySimple and Easy to UseSolid Metal ConstructionThe CRL Glass Scalloping Tool and Positioner will produce a uniform scalloped edge on glass from 1/8" to 1" (3 to 25 mm) thick. The tool was designed to provide the user with the best possible edge while keeping chips spaced evenly from each other. Depth and width of the scallops are fully adjustable, regardless of glass thickness. This means each piece you produce can be different from the next if desired. The unique positioning aid (included) keeps the tool in the correct position so the chip uniformity is remarkably consistent. The easiest to use of all scalloping tools available! A detailed instruction manual is included. Scalloped edges give you an alternative to the common flat, pencil or beveled edge used when making glass furniture. With the CRL ST719, each piece you produce will have a unique look, but be uniform in construction and edge finish. There is also very little grinding to be done so your fabrication time is reduced which means higher profits. This tool is the easiest to use out of all of the scalloping tools available today. A complete detailed instruction manual is included with each tool.Important NotesAlways wear the proper eye protection when using this tool. Glass scalloping tools produce glass chips which can be dangerous to yourself and others. Failure to follow safety precautions can result in injury.
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