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CRL Architectural Binder-Hospitality

Item # AB40
CRL Architectural Binder-Hospitality
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One of Three Architectural Binders Available Covering Products From CSI Divisions 8, and 11CRL Architectural Binders feature our vast selection of architectural metal and glass hardware for construction of 'all-glass' entrances, railings, balustrades, windscreens, shower enclosures, sneeze guards, partition posts, service windows, and menu boards. Three Architectural Binders are currently available: AB20 for Metals, AB30 for Doors (including Shower Door enclosures), and AB40 for Hospitality/Service. Each Binder is loaded with full color pages of finished projects as well as helpful technical data.AB40- HOSPITALITY/SERVICEIncludes product information about: Ballistic Resistant Glazing, Display Cases, Door Hardware, Food Dispensing Equipment, Partition Posts, Sneeze Guards, Service Windows, Teller and Service Equipment.
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