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CRL .090" Tremco POLYshim II Pre-Shimmed Butyl Architectural Tape

Item # 7242YA1
CRL .090" Tremco POLYshim II Pre-Shimmed Butyl Architectural Tape
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Continuous Rubber Shim Results in Less "Squeeze-Out", and Helps Tape Keep a Neater Sight Line Meets the Requirements of AAMA 800-92 Specifications 804.3, 806.3 and 807.3 CRL Tremco POLYshim II Pre-Shimmed Tape is a 100 percent solids highly adhesive and elastic, cross linked butyl preformed tape with a continuous integral EPDM shim. Use it in compression glazing systems wherever the design calls for high performance glazing of curtain wall, unitized curtain walls, punched and ribbon window systems and sloped glazing applications. The continuous rubber shim works to prevent sealant squeeze-out because it is resilient to pressure exerted by building and glass expansion or contraction. It also helps prevent glass breakage by eliminating pressure points created by improper shimming. The continuous shim eliminates the need for preshimming the lite before installing the tape. Tremco Pre-Shimmed tape has good adhesion, heat resistance, sealant compatibility, and resistance to weathering. It can be used in conjunction with many glazing systems.TECHNICAL DATA: Service temperature range: -65 to 200 DegreeF (-54 to 93 DegreeC).Application temperature: 20 to 120 DegreeF (-7 to 49 DegreeC).Shelf Life: 12 months with normal storage condition below 80 DegreeF (27 DegreeC).50 feet (15.2 meters) per roll. Do not compression glaze glass with Pre-Shimmed Tape having less than 3 millimeter (1/8 inch) shim. Not for use in joints subjected to continuous water immersion. Although generally compatible with most sealants, a compatibility test should be requested when used in conjuction with sealants other than Tremco sealants.
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