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Speak-Thru Devices.
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Item #: 9RBAT
Our Price: $128.85
Item #: 9M1C
Our Price: $40.31
Item #: 9WHS
Our Price: $474.09
Item #: 9PHS
Our Price: $48.95
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Showing 1-30 of 102 Results
These windows are to replace defective windows purchased from them. There was ZERO amount of customer service offered by DK Hardware in this process. Both DK Hardware and CRL failed epicly on customer care. The only reason I am buying from this company again is to get my refund from the previous purchased windows. Steer clear of purchasing from this company, if you run into problems down the road you can expect no help from anyone here. Although the people on the phone put on a nice voice and act sincere they have NO power to actually do anything. - Devin A,
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