CRL TR107W #10 Screw Wall Grabber Anchors - Drywall

Item Discontinued!
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Item #: TR107W by CR Laurence

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CRL TR107W #10 Screw Wall Grabber Anchors - Drywall

Item Discontinued!
7 7 reviews

Item #: TR107W by CR Laurence

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  • Two Sizes for Drywall, Hollow Core Doors, Pegboard, Plaster and Masonry
  • One Size for Concrete or Cinder Blocks
  • Easy Removal Design

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100 Each

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Drywall, Hollow Core, Plaster, Masonry

The patented CRL Wall Grabber Anchors work like no others in drywall, pegboard, hollow core doors, plaster walls, masonry, wood paneling, concrete and cinder blocks.
For drywall, pegboard, hollow core doors or plaster walls simply drive these spring steel anchors into the wall with a hammer, then drive in a screw or nail. The anchor will automatically expand to provide instant gripping tension. The unique design of the CRL Wall Grabber keeps it from rotating in the hole while the screw is being turned.
To use in concrete or cinder block drill a 1/4" (6 mm) starting hole approximately 1-1/4" (31 mm) deep. Hammer the anchor straight into the hole (point first). Hammer a nail directly into the anchor, or first through the object to be mounted. Anchor locks in place (#8 screw can also be used. Some applications, such as concrete walls, may require a 3/8" (10 mm) starting hole. Grabber will not rotate.
NOTE: Screws or nails are not included.