3M 30567 260L Series Abrasive Disc, 5 in Dia, P1500 Grit, Hook and Loop, Purple

Item #: 30567 by 3m

UPC #: 051131305670

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3M 30567 260L Series Abrasive Disc, 5 in Dia, P1500 Grit, Hook and Loop, Purple

Item #: 30567 by 3m

UPC #: 051131305670

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In Stock $95.33 /box


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  • Long-lasting abrasive disc produces easy to polish finish
  • Specially formulated coating reduces pigtails and boosts abrasive life
  • Flexible, durable film backing increases conformability
  • Hookit™ attachment system makes for fast, efficient disc change outs
  • Levels orange peel, dust nibs or paint runs in all types of automotive paints
  • Use for scuffing the blend area prior to painting




For repairing large area paint defects



Attachment Type

Hookit™ Hook and Loop

Abrasive Material

Aluminum Oxide



Part no.


MFR Model


Diameter (in)


Vacuum (yes/no)


Backing Material


Disc Diameter




Trade Name


Backing Weight


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Our 3M™ Hookit™ purple finishing film abrasive disc 260L features an updated coating that levels surface defects on clear coat and greatly reduces pigtails. Aluminum oxide abrasive cuts fast, lasts a long time, resists loading with or without hole pattern designs and leaves a consistent, easy to polish finish. Our 3M™ Hookit™ attachment system makes disc change outs fast and easy.
3M Hookit hook & loop disc uses aluminum oxide as the abrasive material and has a diameter of 5 in. 3M incorporates this aluminum oxide material into the hook & loop disc forming a grit of 1500. This product is on a film backing, A weight.
Specification parameters description:

Abrasive Material:
Values: A/O Aluminum Oxide AO A/Z Alumina Zirconia AZ S/C Silicon Carbide SC Aluminum Oxide Aluminum oxide is an artificial abrasive suited for general purpose stock removal and finishing. It is the mostly commonly used abrasive and can be used for most steels and ferrous alloys. Aluminum oxide is slightly softer but tougher than silicon carbide. Ceramic Ceramic is used for aggressive cutting and grinding of stainless steel, titanium, and metal alloys. The abrasive grain is designed to fracture during use so that it maintains sharpness. Ceramic Aluminum Oxide Cerium Oxide Cerium oxide is used for fine polishing and lapping of glass, gemstones, optical mirrors, and lenses. It should be used wet or in slurry form. Diamond Diamond can be either natural or manufactured and is one of the hardest abrasive materials. It is commonly used for grinding and polishing stone and very hard steels, and for sharpening other cutting tools. Nylon Silicon Carbide Silicon carbide is a manufactured material that is extremely hard but brittle. It is commonly used for fast cutting under light pressure, particularly on cast iron, nonferrous metals, and materials such as glass and plastic. Precision Shaped Ceramic Grain Zirconia
Backing Weight:
Paper and cloth have a lettering scale for backing weight that measures strength of the material onto which the abrasive is mounted. Paper uses the letters A-F, where A is a lighter weight and most flexible and F represents a rigid, heavier backing. Lighter backings are typically paired with finer abrasive grits, suitable for blending and finishing. Coarser grits used for deburring and stock removal rely on a heavier backing. Cloth uses a lettering system of J, X, and Y for backing weight. J weight (jeans) is the lightest and most flexible, X weight (drills) is more durable and recommended for medium duty work, and Y weight is the toughest and least flexible. Fiber backings are made from chemically-impregnated paper to form a very hard, strong backing material. Fiber is used primarily for sanding discs. Polyester film backing provides high strength with a very thin backing and is used for very fine grits. It is more tear resistant than paper backing and is also waterproof.
Grit is a measurement of the size of abrasive particles embedded in coated abrasives. The most common standards for grit size are the United States CAMI (Coated Abrasive Manufacturers Institute) and the European FEPA (Federation of European Producers of Abrasives). A smaller grit number means larger particles and a coarser grade, while high number grits are used for finer work. Grit is generally a unitless measure but is sometimes measured in microns.