Mar-Hyde 5544 0 4.4 Ultimate 2K Series High Speed Primer, 1 gal Can, Buff

Item #: 5544 by Marhyde

UPC #: 083463055442

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Mar-Hyde 5544 0 4.4 Ultimate 2K Series High Speed Primer, 1 gal Can, Buff

Item #: 5544 by Marhyde

UPC #: 083463055442

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In Stock $199.26 /each

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  • 2K surfacer and catalyst are suitable for any size repair
  • High build film creates smooth surface for paint and topcoats
  • Excellent adhesion to properly prepared surfaces and accepts any automotive paint system
  • Fast drying - cuts cure time to sand by 50%, increasing shop throughput
  • Easy sanding properties shorten work times

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Chemical Base



30 min @ 140°F



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1 gal

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Mar-Hyde™ 4.4 Ultimate 2K high speed primer surfacer adds smoothness and efficiency to your collision repair paint jobs. It creates a high build film that fills in sand scratches and other impurities in most any vehicle substrate that forms a smooth surface for paint topcoats. It also dries very fast, reducing the cure time to 1 hr for faster shop throughput. The film coating fully applied to 3 mils can be sanded and top-coated in as little as 1 hr better finished paint jobs. Formulated for excellent adhesion, easy sanding and excellent color holdout, Mar-Hyde™ 4.4 Ultimate 2K high speed primer surfacer is a two component (2K) system that's integral to a truly professional-grade collision repair paint job. The primer surfacer applies easily to virtually any vehicle substrate including steel, aluminum, iron, fiberglass and previously painted surfaces, especially if the surface is prepared using Mar-Hyde™ single stage self-etching pre-treatment primer. This surfacer delivers excellent adhesion, filling in small imperfections in the sanded surface and forming a smooth film coating that accepts any vehicle paint system. Buff, gray or black color surfacer delivers long-lasting color holdout for the finished paint job.
3M Mar-Hyde 5544 yellow 5544 primer is compatible with aluminum, fiberglass, iron, metal and steel materials with a 30 min @ 140F cure time. Comes in a 1 gal Can. This primer is packaged 1 gal per inner, 4 per case.

Material Compatibility:

  • Aluminum
  • Fiberglass
  • Iron
  • Metal
  • Steel

Required Applicator: HVLP Gun

Series: 5544

Storage Condition:

  • Keep Container in Well-Ventilated Area
  • Keep in Cool and Dry Place
  • Store Away From Acids
  • Store Away From Heat
  • Store Away From Oxidizing Agents
  • Store Out of Direct Sunlight

Specification parameters description:

Chemical Base:
Chemical base is the primary substance in the product. Adhesives with methacrylate bases are used in structural bonding applications and work well with tough-to-bond materials. Silicone-based adhesives are extremely flexible and ideal in high-heat environments. Epoxy-based adhesives are available with different resins and hardeners to bond effectively with a broad range of materials.
Cure Time:
Cure time is the length of time it takes for the adhesive to completely dry or harden. Different cure times may determine the best application method of the adhesive. Since most polyurethane adhesives cure quickly, dispensing machines are ideal in these applications. Light curing adhesives require light sources within specific wavelengths to cure where the strength of the light source affects cure time. Depending on the particular adhesive, temperature and humidity greatly increases or decreases the actual cure time. Many acrylic adhesives cure quicker than epoxies.
Material Compatibility:
Material compatibility lists which materials the product fills. Acrylic adhesives are suitable for use on a wide range of materials including wood, ceramic, fiberglass, metal, and plastic. Contact adhesive is typically used on wood, drywall, concrete, and vinyl. Methacrylate adhesives are compatible with metal, acrylic, PVC, and gelcoat. In addition to material compatibility, other factors may determine the best type of adhesive for a certain application such as brittleness, flexibility, and the adhesive?s resistance features.