CRL BR708S 96" x 86" Stainless Steel Glass Rack for 1/2 to 1 Ton Pickup Trucks

Item #: BR708S by CR Laurence

1 reviews

CRL BR708S 96" x 86" Stainless Steel Glass Rack for 1/2 to 1 Ton Pickup Trucks

Item #: BR708S by CR Laurence

1 1 reviews

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  • Available in the U.S. Only
  • Not Available in Canada and Australia
  • Polished Stainless Steel Finish
  • Right and Left Outside Glass Racks, 86" Usable Height
  • Six Outside Stakes with Barkleats® and Hardware
  • Stronger and Lighter Than Steel

Glass Carrier Length

96" (2.44 m)

Glass Carrier Height

86 in (2184 mm)


Milwaukee, WI.

CRL Stainless Steel Glass Racks for 1/2 to One Ton Pickup Trucks are fabricated out of welded stainless steel construction to meet the challenge of handling big payloads on vehicles. Its all-welded construction has a polished finish. Longitudinal slats are welded directly to the A-frames rather than just bolted. Each rack also features six rack stakes, Barpad® glass cushions on 8" (203 mm) centers and neoprene Base Plate Pads on 12" (305 mm) centers. A standard 3-1/2" (89 mm) usable ledgeboard width is provided and stake slots are positioned 12" (305 mm) on center for safe load control. A 5" (127 mm) usable ledgeboard is available on special order. Front load stops are included left and right. Your rack will have all the necessary lights and reflectors to stay compliant with commercial vehicle requirements. A sign panel area for your company's logo and information is located at the top of the rack for good visibility. An optional 30" (762 mm) manual height rack Ratchet Gear Extension increases vertical load size. This option must be ordered at the time of ordering your truck rack and will include extendable stakes.
For us to properly order your CRL Glass Rack, we will need your vehicle's year, make, model and gross vehicle weight rating.
All CRL Truck and Van Glass Racks are shipped F.O.B. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. If you're in the Milwaukee area, the rack can be installed at no charge.
For information regarding this or the product please contact DK Hardware Sales Department.