We make World Class Cleaning Tools

Company Profile 

Founded in Miami, Florida, ABCO Products is a family-owned, minority-owned firm established in 1979. ABCO Products provides a full range of cleaning instruments for use in the janitorial sanitation, commercial, grocery, retail, and food service markets. The cleaning business has put pressure on innovation and simplicity while focusing on crucial areas like preventing sidewalk slips and falls and "Green Initiatives" that are significant to the community. The company is the industry leader in providing cleaner, safer floors, HACCP-compliant systems, cleaning supplies like textiles and mopping equipment, and cleaning accessories.

ABCO Products provide cleaning solutions with a commitment to the customer, community, and environment. The knowledgeable staff at AB&A is always on hand to assist consumers with ordering products. Their team's knowledge allows customers to order products from them with ease. The company specializes in worldwide shipping, and its foreign customer care representatives are certified in the shipment of hazardous items. You can find a range of products from ABCO Products here at DK Hardware. 

We Are Completely Eco-friendly 

At ABCO Products, sustainability refers to cutting-edge production techniques and goods that benefit society and our consumers without endangering the environment. ABCO Products creates ecologically friendly Cleaning Tools using vertically integrated, green manufacturing techniques. For example, to make the Natura range of wet mops & dry mops, 9 million pounds of garment scrap that would otherwise go to landfills or incinerators is recycled. Producing ABCO's Line Multi-Purpose Brooms requires recycling 200 bottle tops and 8.1 liters of plastic bottles. 


A Socially Responsible Company 

The Fabretto Foundation for education and the Dani Girl Foundation for childhood cancer are two organizations that ABCO Products donates to support access to clean water, education, and childhood cancer research in Honduras and Nicaragua. Based on product sales across the United States, ABCO Products supports cancer treatment through the Dani Girl Foundation in Honduras and Nicaragua. The company's top products include a mop loop, flat mop, and Fiberglass Mop Handle Jaw Clamp.



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