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At Absolute Coatings Group, our legacy is built on over 90 years of expertise in manufacturing specialty floor coatings. We take pride in our rich heritage and are dedicated to creating top-quality flooring products that both beautify and protect natural wood floors. Whether you're a consumer or a building contractor, our range has you covered from start to finish.

Here's where innovation truly shines – with us! Absolute Coatings Group has been a pioneer in the coatings industry, introducing game-changing innovations like polyurethane finishes to the U.S. market. Our product lineup spans across categories like Oil/Polyurethane, Waterborne, Stains, Specialty/Maintenance, Sports, and we've even given our Precision line a fresh new look.

Our products are all about cutting-edge technology, designed to cater to everyone, from seasoned professionals to the enthusiastic DIY-ers. When you opt for Absolute Coatings Group, you're not just getting products; you're choosing a future where your floors will always look their absolute best. Let's make your surfaces shine!
The Future of Surface Enhancement and Sustainability
Our stellar reputation, built on a foundation of quality and service, revolves around Absolute Coatings. We prioritize customer satisfaction, delivering Absolute Coatings products that offer genuine value and quality assurance, backed by a money-back guarantee. Our well-established brands, including Absolute Coatings, are sought after worldwide, enhancing homes, workplaces, and investments. We provide high-performance solutions and address tomorrow's concerns with progressive, sustainable brands. Our commitment includes products with lower VOC levels, low odor, and easy clean-up – making it easier for you to maintain that pristine look.

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