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About ADCO Hearing Products

Leading Manufacturer of Hearing Products.




Company Profile 

Acousticon Hearing Aids of Denver was established in the first half of the 1950s by a hearing aid salesman, Carl Hoffman. He observed the market and concluded that earmolds and alterations needed an "On-the-Spot" solution and dispensing practice. Most specialists had to make house calls and travel a distance to assess patients for hearing aids since most of them lived far off. The mold frequently didn't fit when it was returned from the lab. A temporary earmold and modifications to an earmold or hearing aid fit were also urgently needed. Thanks to Hoffman's first product, ADCOmold was developed to allow hearing healthcare professionals to make an instant earmold.

ADCO Hearing Products is continually working on expanding its already sizable assortment of clinical supplies, amplified products, and communications solutions to serve its customers better. As the business develops, the brand concentrates on offering even better customer service and a wide range of products to satisfy the demands of both retail clients and professionals. The company values the comments it gets from its fans and customers every day, and it invites its customers to get in touch with them if they have any questions or suggestions since it will help them serve them and the rest of its community even better. You can find a range of products from ADCO Hearing Products here at DK Hardware. 


The fit was always flawless since ADCOmold became the client's permanent mold and factory manufacture was never necessary. ADCOmold, the first product of its sort in the market, was patented and quickly gained recognition across the globe. The subsequent products, ADCObuild, ADCOaddon, ADCOment, and ADCOsheen, were likewise developed with the same goal: to offer quick fixes for repairs and alterations. Carl Hoffman gave his new goods and business the name ADCO (short for Acousticon Denver Company). 


New Products Are Added 

After around 30 years, ADCO changed its name to ADCO Hearing Products when Lynn Stambaugh and Pat Schurott purchased the business. A wide range of communication aids for the Deaf and hard of hearing, as well as several gifts and instructional goods, were added to the product assortment during this time. By focusing on providing solutions and services that empower its customers to communicate effectively and freely without barriers, the brand transformed into the ADCO Hearing Products that is widely known today. The company’s communication masks for kids and adults are high-quality products. 



Abby Armijo and Jim Guiffre, the company's current owners, purchased ADCO Hearing Products in 2014, preserving the family-owned nature of this outstanding little business. Abby, an Army veteran, has a close relationship with the numerous hospitals, VA clinics, and facilities that the company supports and has tremendous respect for the assistance these establishments offer veterans. Her background in marketing and operations gives ADCO a solid platform to continue its heritage of providing its customers with helpful products. This new ownership, along with Jim's extensive expertise in accounting, finance, and operations, has prepared ADCO for a new chapter in its history as the company sees record growth and encouragement from its esteemed clients. 

Born to Serve 

ADCO Hearing Products has been a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business since 2015. The brand is honored to keep assisting with the availability of vital assistive equipment for veterans, support the Veterans Affairs health services, and be a part of the SDVOSB community. The company intensified its efforts in 2017 to give its devoted consumers exceptional customer service and product understanding. ADCO Hearing Products welcome your contact at any time because every member of its staff is qualified to assist you with even the most difficult questions.