About AE Tools

Provides OEM-level diagnostic solutions and dealer-level support.




Company Profile 

AE Tools & Computers provides dealer-level diagnostic and programming equipment and solutions to the heavy-duty and diesel industries, automotive locksmiths, and the automotive aftermarket. The company's technical support is the best at providing live, in-car assistance for programming and diagnostics. Also, AE Tools offer specialized laptops designed with automotive programming and diagnostics in mind. It collaborates with the top instructors in the field to provide aftermarket technicians with cutting-edge training programs. For automobile locksmiths, AE Tools offer equipment and assistance. The company is one of the most trusted sources of authentic software subscriptions and tools for Heavy Duty and Diesel technicians.

Solutions for immobilizers, automotive computer programming, and security-related issues can be part of your shop's toolbox. Well, not anymore. AE Tools has leveled the playing field by providing OEM-level diagnostic solutions and dealer-level support for aftermarket heavy-duty repair facilities, repair shops, and automotive locksmiths. The company spends significantly on R&D to improve its products and reduce customer costs. Find a range of products from AE Tools here at DK Hardware. 

We've Leveled the Playing Field 

The sophistication of today's automotive has revolutionized what it means to work on cars. It has transformed the mechanic into a technician, made coding, programming, and flash part of the daily shop talk, and also paved the way for OEM-level diagnostics in the aftermarket. 


To fill the gap, AE Tools offers OEM-level diagnostic solutions and dealer-level support for on-car computer programming, immobilizer, and security-related issues, as well as scan tool maintenance and repair to aftermarket repair shops, heavy-duty repair facilities, and automotive locksmiths. Two of the company's top products include the EZ Cable and Micro Pod. 


After Sales Support 

The company's support includes all the tools purchased through AE Tools and Computers. Also, the company has yearly packages if the tools were purchased through another distributor. The management at AE Tools believes that anybody can sell the tools, but backing them up with support is what the industry needs, and that is precisely what they are providing.



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