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Atlas Filtri is a modern manufacturing company engaged in designing, developing, and producing equipment for water treatment and components for filtration systems applicable to both domestic and industrial sectors. The company's extensive product range includes filter housings, water filters, self-cleaning filters, filter cartridges, portable filters, anti-scale units, R.O. units, media filters, drinking water filters, softeners, water treatment full plants, U.V. lamp sterilization, dosing pumps, and chemical products. 

Atlas water system has been providing water filtration and treatment since 1975. Since its inception, the company has taken on a role of high importance in water treatment and water filtration courtesy of its innovative designs, production, and distribution of components for potable water filtration and equipment for water treatment for industrial or civil use on national and international scale. Also, Atlas Filtri is known for providing excellent customer service. Their experts are always on hand to assist consumers with ordering products. You can find a range of products from Atlas Filtri here at D.K. Hardware.  

Extensive Network  

Today, Atlas Filtri is a leader in the water filtration and treatment sector thanks to its ability to tackle the challenges of the future by constantly improving and innovating to meet the market's evolving needs. Atlas Filtri Srl is the group's headquarters for production and export. Atlas Filtri North America and Far East handle the commercial and logistic centers for North America and the Asia Pacific, respectively. The internal division of Atlas Filtri Italia, Atlas Filtri Engineering, is dedicated to developing and designing systems for filtration and water treatment, standard or customized to specific customer requirements. Atlas Filtri Italia, with more than 20 agencies, controls distribution in the Italian territory.  


Proven Quality  

Atlas Filtri has established its reputation as high-quality water treatment and filtration product maker. From using advanced materials to paying attention to constant production process innovation and stead modernization, the company ensures absolute quality in all its products. Their solutions are decidedly marked by their shape and design of Italian style, specifically researched from the international market to ensure exceptional care and attention to detail. The extensive product line coupled with the company's Made in Italy tradition confirms the company's expertise and reliability, aimed at constant improvement and worldwide distribution. The company's Universal Inline Refrigerator Water and Ice Filter is a high pressure water filter for reducing chlorine, odor, sediment, and lime scale build-up in water and ice applications.



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