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A Complete Line of Filters and Spray Booth Related Items.



Company Profile 

Established by Carl Hagan Sr. in 1967, Air Filtration Co. provides high-quality air filter products. In 1974, the brand added spray booths to its growing list of products. The company continued to grow by expanding its product line, geographic reach, and customer base. By the early 1980s, Air Filtration was walking steadily toward becoming a significant player in the air filter and spray booth markets. 

The air filter industry has dramatically changed over the last 50 years, but one thing has remained constant. The same principles and values of making quality products and outstanding customer service on which Air Filtration Co. was founded still apply to it today. The company's extensive services as a manufacturer of filters have cemented its place as a global leader in the air filtration industry. You can find a range of products from Air Filtration Co. here at DK Hardware. 

For Fast Growth 

In 1983, Air Filtration Company moved production of its air filter products to Iowa. In 1988, the company's filter and spray booth divisions split into two separate corporations: Air Filtration Co., Inc. and AFC Finishing Systems. This separation allowed each company to focus exclusively on its core business. 


Exceeds Expectations 

AFC Filters are known for its exceptional performance throughout the world. Air Filtration's products meet or exceed OEM standards for outstanding air flow and efficiency, are aggressively priced, and are readily available. They offer an extensive product line engineered for low airflow restriction, high efficiency, and long service life. Air Filtration Company Inc. can supply you with filters of almost any size for any spray booth application. The company's top products include 5000 Series Filters, Series Blankets, Filter Coat, to name a few. 



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