We specialize in providing security for residential and commercial spaces. We furnish both mechanical and electrical locks for door closers, exit devices, steel doors, and frames. 

Worldwide Presence 

Across the globe, we are present in 130 countries. Our brands offer a variety of products to keep people and property safe from theft and vandalism. 

Thinking Big 

Allegion Ventures helps your company grow innovative products and technologies that can make security and access smarter, stronger, faster, and less intrusive. 

Investor Relations 

Value for shareholders is enhanced with a global network of pioneering, market-leading brands, proven operational excellence, and financial performance. 

Equal Opportunities 

We consider people as the lifeline of the organization and ensure a conducive environment is maintained for the development and growth of all.  

Business Values 

We believe that our culture is what makes us different, and it is part of how we're redefining security. Our values drive our culture and business decisions, both large and small. 

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Allegion’s prominent security brands are sold in almost 130 countries across the globe. These brands offer a variety of products to keep customers safe and secure throughout their daily lives and when security is needed the most. 

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Company Profile 

We pioneered the first-ever electric-controlled lock and invented the “panic release bar” exit device in 1908. Our long history of expertise in the commercial industry enable us to have better quality, stronger, and safer products for our residential customers.  Together, with the power and passion of our global employees, we will realize Allegion’s full potential as we continue to be a leader in the global safety and security industry. 

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