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We patented an innovative design that allows coupling or fitting to be an integral part of the conduit, allowing installers to assemble conduit systems more quickly.  




Elbows, couplings, and nipples are offered for all electrical applications. They are made from the finest steel and manufacturing processes for long term durability and reliability.  


Our Aluminum Rigid Conduit (ARC), Elbows, and Couplings provide the needed protection for your cables and conductors. These are effective in harsh and clean environments. 




The Galvanized Rigid Steel Conduit is the heaviest and thickest of all electrical conduits. It is hot-dip galvanized for corrosion resistance and is considered non-combustible.   

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Our high-quality products are used for everything, from construction to manufacturing. Conduits can be used for electrical raceways, sprinkler pipes, perimeter security, and structural tubes. We aim to be the solution for every business, understanding what each value and needs the most to improve their daily operations. 

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Reshaping the pipe and tube industry since 1959 Allied Tube & Conduit is a leading brand for EMT, IMC, and Rigid conduits made of steel, PVC, and aluminum. The company has products and engineered solutions to meet every application challenge and is continually evolving to serve our customers better. Allied Tube & Conduit continues with the same entrepreneurial spirit and innovation that shaped the company decades ago. We are positioned for continued growth, expansion, and innovation, and provide customers with the best quality products and gain their confidence further. 

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