Ever-increasing range of life-improving products.

Company Profile

Allstar Marketing Group was formed to make life better for companies with whom it partners, the consumers it serves, and its team members. The company is continuously engaged in improving its products, carefully evaluating, testing, and improving them to exceed the expectations of every user. Allstar is a growing company with a wide presence across multiple marketing channels, allowing it to bring more good things to more people. Twenty years of consistent success have helped the company become a major brand in major retailers, including Target, Walmart, CVS, Home Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond, Walgreens, and more. 

All star Marketing is engaged in solving problems people don’t know they have. The company has established excellent relationships with retailers, wholesalers, and e-commerce websites that have helped it develop its immense reach to all parts of the globe. Allstar Products company provides product testing, product engineering, product branding, performance-based advertising, product development, sourcing, and a world-class supply chain. Also, the company has teamed up with MISSION to help Feeding Westchester provide over one million meals to needy families. You can find a range of products from Allstar Marketing Group here at DK Hardware. 


Innovative Solutions 

Allstar Marketing Group is known for bringing innovative solutions to the market. It has an ever-increasing range of life-improving products, and its portfolio of brands is continuously growing. With its speed, scale, and over 20 years of proven success, the company has established itself as the go-to partner for Inventors, Founders, and Retailers. Allstar’s top products include Mission Bucket Hat Khaki,  Magic Mesh Magnetic Screen Door, Magic Mesh Garage Screen Door, Mission Neck Gaiter, Mission Hat Alloy Heather, and Sharper Image Calming Heat Massaging. 


A Trustworthy Reputation 

From designing products and manufacturing to performance-driven marketing and retail distribution, Allstar Innovations does it all! Its unparalleled partnership provides access to major wholesalers, retailers, and resources worldwide. The company has the highest standard for quality, character, and excellence, which has helped it grow at a rapid pace. 



2 Skyline Drive

Hawthorne, New York 10532 United States