Provides Engineered Fastening Solutions.

Company Profile 

Altenloh Brinck & Co Inc. is responsible for the manufacture, sales, and distribution of its TRUFAST WALLS®, TRUFAST®, and SPAX® brands of engineered fasteners for the North American construction market. It has been a family-run company since its establishment in 1823 and has its headquarters in Bryan (Northwestern), Ohio, on the site of the former Trufast Corporation. Altenloh Brinck & Co operates a 196,000 sq. ft. complex in Bryan, comprised of engineering, administration, manufacturing, and central warehouse, in addition to an 11,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art fastener heat treat facility in Pioneer, OH. Both facilities have ISO 9001:2008 certification. In August 2017, Altenloh acquired Rodenhouse Inc., later rebranded as TRUFAST WALLS®, as a strategic way for both companies to grow their fastener portfolio. 

Today, Altenloh Brinck & Co US Inc. oversees businesses in the US, Australia, Europe, and Germany. In addition to manufacturing cold-formed fasteners, the company is also engaged in creating intelligent porous membranes, injection-molded components, assembly, toolmaking, and a multi-award-winning vocational training center. Altenloh Brinck & Co concentrates on various sectors, including the building of facades and roofs, the woodworking industry, and the medical and life science fields. You can find a range of products from Altenloh Brinck & Co Inc. here at DK Hardware. 

Progress By Acquisitions 

In 2003, Altenloh Brinck & Co Inc. established itself with the foundation of a holding company with three independent companies: ABC Umformtechnik, SPAX® International, and AZ – Ausrüstung und Zubehör. In 2006, it acquired the US-based company TRUFAST, a renowned manufacturer of roofing fasteners. In 2010, the company acquired the majority shares in SABEU, whose innovative solutions in injection molding and membrane production are in demand worldwide.  


Exceptional Product Line 

Altenloh Brinck & Co Inc.'s mission is to make the highest quality products. So, it hires the best talent and spends significantly on R&D to create affordable, easy-to-use products. The company's top products include Spax Structural Screws Powerlags 4" L Washer Head, Spax Construction Screws Powerlags Washer Head, Spax Multi-Purpose Screws, and Spax Driver Bit T-Star Washer.



2105 County Road 12C

Bryan, Ohio 43506 United States


Email: contact@altenloh.us