Trusted Partners in hand protection 


Tradex International, a leading supplier of disposable gloves, provides gloves and hand safety to users from the sector of foodservice, industrial, health and care, and many more. 

Company Profile: 

Found on October 20, 1988, Tradex Internationally has been serving its users general purpose disposable gloves. They have been consistently growing ever since and work with a principle saying, "Growing to serve you better." 


Leading Supplier of Disposable Gloves: 
Tradex International is the leading wholesale supplier of disposable gloves. Thus, making the gloves seen in various industries and markets. 

One of the first to enter the food market: 
In the year 1995, Tradex International has become one of the first glove companies to have entered the food market. 

Trusted by people everywhere: 
For the high-quality products that they offer, Tradex has grown its trustworthy users all over the globe. 

32 years of glove experience: 
Since 1988, Tradex International has consistently provided a smooth and safe glove experience for all its users.

 Hand Protection: 

Irrespective of the industry or market the user belongs to, Tradex International has been committed to giving the highest form of hand protection. 

Uninterrupted Supply: 
Tradex International is a deliverer of an uninterrupted supply of gloves and a high range of quality services.