About American Metalcraft, Inc

Manufactures a full line of Kitchen and Catering Supplies.




Company Profile 
Incorporated by Archer Kahn in the late 1940s, American Metalcraft initially produced hubcaps for Tucker Torpedo. Over the next decade, the company expanded into manufacturing pizza pans and became the first company to make Chicago-Style, deep-dish pizza pans. Simultaneously, American Metalcraft also produced stainless steel plate covers. The late 1950s saw the company expanding to selling copper shapes and bowls. In 1961, the company came under the leadership of Herbert Kahn, the founder’s son. Under the new leadership, the company imported its products from overseas. The years that followed saw the company manufactures a full line of kitchen and catering supplies including pizza supplies, bar supplies, buffet supplies, and plate covers. 

With service experience of over 70 years, American Metalcraft has proven itself as a leader in the manufacture of kitchen and catering supplies. Defined by trade expertise and innovation, the company shows no signs of slowing down and makes all possible efforts to provide the solutions its customers need. 


American Metalcraft’s design proficiency for food presentation is reflected through its dinnerware collections, available in an array of colors. 


Bar Supplies 

From cocktail shakers to corkscrews and bottle stoppers, American Metalcraft's creatively designed bar supplies are available in all sizes and shapes. 


Buffet and Displayware 

American Metalcraft offers cast iron, bamboos, porcelain and glass bowls, tubs, buffet ware, trays, and more, that feature economy and variety. 

Pizza Pans and Supplies 

Designed for everyday heavy use, American Metalcraft’s line of pizza pans and supplies are manufactured to reflect the company’s strong heritage. 

Kitchen Accessories 
American Metalcraft's full spectrum of kitchen accessories - gravy boats, mini cookware, and plate covers - aid foodservice operations. 

Tabletop Accessories 
American Metalcraft’s tabletop accessories are designed and dedicated to professional catering services. 



3708 N River Road Suite 800

Franklin Park, Illinois 60131 United States


Email: requests@amnow.com