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Visual Displays  

Enhance your home and workspace with our superior products. We offer an array of products for your interior, like markerboards, tack boards, coat racks, and more, that are designed for maximum utility and performance.   



We make efficient lockers to keep your belongings safe in commercial spaces, schools, colleges, institutes, gymnasium, etc. A wide range of colors and material options are available for your convenience.  


Bathroom Accessories  

To give a professional look to your home or commercial bathroom, accessorize it with our wide range of hand-dryers, towel dispensers, and washroom accessories. 

Shower Seats  

We offer a wide range of folding and fixed shower seats for convenient installation in any bathroom. These shower seats meet ADA safety requirements.   



We offer mirrors for every application. Choose from frameless, channel frame, angle frame, and tilting mirrors, as well as our exclusive Velare Behind the Mirror cabinet. 



To get the most out of your floors, use our latest collection of solid plastic, plastic laminate, powder-coated, phenolic, and stainless-steel partitions.  

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We are a leading manufacturer of the washroom and hospital accessories. We also specialize in security accessories, modular space, and wall systems. Our public telephone enclosures, directory accommodations, and mall kiosks are designed to meet the needs of any customer. Our world-class products are reliable for long-term use.  

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Company Profile 

With sales in over 50 countries and operating units, offices in the US, Canada, Australia, Belgium, the UK, the Middle East, Mexico, and China, the ASI Group has been serving architects, building owners and contractors all over the world. Delivering unique products since our inception we have been providing our customers with products that they need. Our family of companies works together with one mission in mind – “To make our customers successful by providing value that exceeds the price, and, an excellent service experience”. 

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