Amerock’s Candler is a hand-crafted collection comprising of doorknobs, pulls and wall plates. The precise cut and elaborate detailing make them the best.

Designed for modern settings, the doorknobs and pulls from the Glacio collection are made of glass and metal.

Highland Ridge
This is a premium collection crafted for contemporary interiors. With knobs, pulls, latches, and backplates, the collection has everything for traditional interiors.

St Vincent
With pulls and knobs reflecting the ancient era with a hint of contemporary, the collection is curated for modern-day homes.

With decorative pulls that reflect class and an eye for fine detailing, the Revitalize collection is pure excellence designed for unique interiors.

The crisp corners and sleek construction of the products from the Westerly collection make them an iconic addition to modern homes and offices.

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Creating Timeless Solutions
As a global partner for premium decorative hardware solutions, Amerock has earned the trust of its customers through its portfolio of products to meet the requirements of practically all types of buildings.  The company has earned its reputation as world elite in the business segments of cabinet hardware, hooks and rails, and bath hardware.

Company Profile
Since its establishment in 1929, Amerock® Hardware has been working to offer functional, decorative hardware solutions that inspire, organize and reflect personal style throughout the space. As an industry leader, the company offers a comprehensive line of decorative and functional bath hardware, cabinet hardware, wall plates, and hooks and rails. The award-winning decorative hardware solutions offered by Amerock have gained it a reputation of being the best destination for chic design accessories. Available in a variety of excellent finishes and styles, the company offers quality designs at affordable prices.

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