About Anvil International

The industry's leading standard for precision-engineered hanger, support, and pipe fitting solutions.

Company Profile

In 2019, Anvil International joined forces with Smith-Cooper International, creating a powerful partnership in the world of precision-engineered valves, pipe fittings, and supports.

While their product lines and supply chains remained distinct, both companies shared a deep commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. This merger allowed them to enhance what their customers valued most: top-notch product quality, availability, flexible sourcing from a diverse supply chain, exceptional service, and ease of doing business.

ASC Engineered Solutions: Your Partner for Success

ASC Engineered Solutions is a trusted provider of precision-engineered products and services. Their distinguishing factor lies in their unwavering commitment to customer success. Beyond offering top-quality products, they position themselves as strategic partners, adding value and solving customer challenges. Renowned for their customer-centric approach, ASC offers an extensive selection of quality products from trusted brands, supported by a reliable distribution network.

They focus on building lasting customer connections, making tasks easier through innovative precision engineering, accessible support, and consistent product and service excellence. With a deep product portfolio, ASC ensures customers have a myriad of choices, facilitated by technology-enabled services and a dependable global supply chain. In essence, ASC Engineered Solutions is your steadfast partner, dedicated to fortifying, securing, and enhancing our world.

ASC Engineered Solutions

ASC's solutions seamlessly connect top-quality products with cutting-edge technology, comprehensive service, and robust support, enabling customers to overcome everyday challenges effectively. ASC Engineered Solutions caters to a diverse range of applications, from commercial buildings and industrial facilities to power plants and oil fields.

As ASC Engineered Solutions, their focus extends beyond their exceptional product portfolio to encompass how they serve their customers. ASC stands out by delivering engineered solutions that address customer challenges, backed by expertise, reliable availability, and dependable partnership.

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Email: customerservice@asc-es.com