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Safety, reliability, and Innovation in Pool Technology




Company Profile 

AquaStar was founded in October 2003 on the belief that better tools lead to safer and more enjoyable pool and spa experiences. The company has made its mission to invent, design, and manufacture innovative, high-quality, American-made pool products that keep customers satisfied and consumers safe. Also, Aquastar's products are designed and manufactured in the USA, ensuring only the best products reach its customers.

Aquastar Pool Products believe that continuous improvement is required for success. The company works toward operational efficiency to assure its profitability and to deliver products that match or exceed our customer's expectations. Honesty and integrity are paramount in all communications with customers, co-workers, vendors, and competitors. You can find a range of products from Aquastar hereat DK Hardware. 

Dependable, High-quality Products 

Aqua Star is renowned for providing its customers with long-lasting, American-made products with the best look, feel, and performance. The company has a rigorous testing process for each product manufactured, resulting in superior and dependable products that last. The company is able to get products from concept to consumer faster because of its proven manufacturing methods and a disciplined approach to R&D at its Southern California facilities. The company’s Pool Drain Cover Square Retrofit is engineered for durability and performance and delivers outstanding results. 


Aquastar Laboratories 

A safe drain is no accident. While drain covers often look deceptively simple, the hazards they guard against are complex. This is one of the main reasons why AquaStar Pool leaves nothing to chance. Each new product is vigorously tested using its in-house laboratory. It is because the company knows that only through in-house testing can each design be optimized for performance, effectiveness, durability, and safety. 



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