Delivering excellence for outdoor needs like Razor Reflex Mowers, Snow Blower Covers, Snow Blower Drift Cutter Kits and more.
Company Profile
Ariens Company stands at the forefront of the outdoor power equipment industry and is renowned for its exceptional lineup of lawnmowers, garden tractors, tillers, and snow blowers. Operating under its Ariens brand, the company has carved a niche in the residential and commercial markets, providing top-tier solutions for lawn care and snow removal. Additionally, Ariens extends its reach into the commercial sector with its Gravely brand, offering a comprehensive line of lawn care equipment tailored to professional needs.
Headquartered in Brillion, Wisconsin, Ariens proudly produces its renowned Gravely and Ariens products at an expansive manufacturing facility. The company's commitment to quality and innovation has led to a robust dealership network spanning North America and over 35 countries worldwide. A key player in the industry, Ariens Company continues to evolve and meet the diverse needs of its customers.
Ariens, a leader in outdoor power equipment, provides innovative solutions such as the Razor Reflex Mower and durable Snow Blower Covers. Catering to diverse outdoor needs, from the compact 21" Razor Push Mower to the powerful Zenith 23HP Mower, Ariens consistently delivers excellence and reliability. The product lineup includes Deck Belt for Edge Zero-Turn Mowers, Mower Blades for Ariens Edge Zero Turn Mowers, Snow Blower Drift Cutter Kit for Deluxe Models, and more. With cutting-edge technology and unwavering innovation, Ariens empowers users to tackle outdoor tasks year-round confidently.
Commitment to Service Excellence 
Ariens takes pride in its unwavering commitment to service excellence, viewing it as an integral aspect of its mission to surpass customer expectations. Grounded in a customer-first approach, Ariens' service ethos ensures that every interaction, from product inquiries to technical assistance, is characterized by responsiveness, expertise, and a genuine dedication to customer satisfaction. The brand's service philosophy reflects a deep understanding of its customers' needs, fostering lasting partnerships and being a trusted ally in the outdoor power equipment industry.
Efficient Service, Wide Choices 
Through DK Hardware, customers can access Ariens' extensive range of products and benefit from efficient service, a wide array of choices, and secure transactions. DK Hardware is a reliable partner, aligning with Ariens' dedication to delivering quality service and ensuring that customers can confidently explore, select, and purchase the outdoor power equipment that suits their needs.



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