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Astragals, Weatherstripping, Glazing Vinyls and Accent Tape

Choose from the wide range of astragals, weather stripping, glazing vinyl and accent tape that insulate the erect as well Read more as demolished surfaces of the doors and windows preventing the penetration of external agents like rain, moisture, dust or pests into your homes. We provide the products of zipper pile weatherstrips with the varying pile heights, aluminum and nylon brush weatherstrips, glazing vinyl with white and gray color alternatives, narrow commercial door astragals, aluminum vinyl weather seals and innumerable options available in the category. Glazing Vinyl is made to fit glass channel, normally used for 1/4 inch glass, to accommodate glass or other glazing materials. When glazing is completed, all that remains visible is a neat "bead" that gives the framed glass or other glazing material a finished professional appearance. 

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