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Automotive glasses are strong when it comes to durability but the superficial part is always prone to scratches and damages Read more


Automotive glasses are strong when it comes to durability but the superficial part is always prone to scratches and damages that may blur the field of vision. These scratches may give a very odd look to your vehicle and but with urethane sealant, you always have an option to fill up those gaps. It is a flexible formulation that fills up the minute gap and provides a secure bond between the cracked parts. You can even renew the surface with this one step primer and even cover the rusted area to protect the rest of the surface from getting corroded. It can dry easily within 10 minutes and you don't have to leave the surface for a long time. Once the urethane sealant dries, it gives a waterproof coverage that does not peel off or change colour with time. The sealant is available in a tube form so that you can apply it easily.

At DK Hardware, you will find several options to choose from when it comes to urethane sealants. If the surface is largely damaged by scratches or rust, you can prepare the surface using Aktivator Pro and then add the urethane sealant on top of the prepared surface. This preparation formula has a quick-drying formula that prepares the surface immediately for the addition of sealant without having to leave it for drying. One can use wool daubers to apply the Aktivator Pro. This formulation also helps in enhancing the adhesive bond of the sealant and keep it intact on the surface for the next few years. Even if you overdo the surface using the liquid formula, you can easily wipe it off using a paper towel or lint-free cloth because it does not damage the surface. For more details about the usage of these products, you can get your doubts cleared with our online chat executive.

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Sika 60D960 Aktivator PRO
$40.63 / Each
Sika 481020 Black Primer-207 for Polyurethane Adhesives
$60.30 / Each
CRL U5504G Black Betaprime 5504G All-in-One Primer
$98.77 / Each
Sika 26924P SikaTack UltraFast II Urethane
$29.91 / Each
CRL PP1N0Z 300 Series Small Urethane Nozzles - 6 Nozzles
$14.57 / Package
3M 3M8609 Windo-Weld Super Fast Urethane
$59.71 / Each
CRL 26924P-XCP24 CRL SikaTack-UltraFast II Urethane - pack of 24
$717.74 / Package
3M 3M8690 High Viscosity Fast Cure Auto Glass Urethane
$37.09 / Each
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