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Access Control 

Update your business operations by using our latest technology control systems. Our access control panels determine who, when, and where can enter and exit.  

Supply Chain 

The tracking and movement of goods throughout the facility and set zones or locations provide enhanced visibility of goods as they travel through the supply chain. 

Inventory Control 

Our products provide real-time visibility within all points of the supply chain, speeding up and increasing the accuracy of inventory operations etc. 


Our advanced Automated Vehicle Identification System (AVI), uses an advanced RFID technology to identify a vehicle as it passes the RFID reader.  

Document Tracking 

To find a document any place within the work area and ability to quickly locate documents if they are left in an unmonitored space. 

Industrial Controls 

AWID’s flexible, industry-standard RFID modules, readers and antenna are designed to be embedded into other products. 

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The products offered by AWID are reliable and durable for long term use. Explore this useful video for portable tag installation 

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AWID- Applied Wireless Identifications Group, Inc. is a world-wide leading provider of RFID products and solutions for embedded markets, security industries, and fast-growth value-added RFID solutions. With focus on OEM, distributor, VAR and SI channel management, AWID has been able to capitalize on current industry trends, effectively address solution issues, and rapidly grow business. 

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