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Berry Plastics Corporation was first established in 1967 under the name Imperial Plastics. Today, we stand proudly with over 23,000 employees and 18,000 customers. 


As Berry Global, we offer premium foil tapes and duct tapes along with many other durable high-grade tapes to customers across the world.

Dynamic Mission 

Berry Plastics focuses on sustainable partnerships, excellence, strategic growth, and high safety standards for all our products and services.  

Consumer Priority 

Our expert design, manufacturing, and research teams develop products that focus on our customers comfort, trust, and utility.

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Berry Plastics Corporation is a privately-owned company that stands as a top global manufacturer and marketer of tape products for the industrial, HVAC, automotive, and aerospace industries.Our professional-grade product line can be found here

Company Profile 

Berry Plastics Corporation is a world-class manufacturing company. All our products are manufactured in the United States of America. Our brands, including Nashua and Polyken, are associated with excellent pressure-sensitive tape technology for a variety of applications.

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