Innovation-Our Past Present & Future 


Whether it is a hospital, physician's office, assisted living facility, or long-term care building we address every security need that you have for every exit. 


For more than 75 years we have been the standard in the government market, and we represent the top security products in the United States of America.  


 Our premium-quality products ensure the highest level of security that give schools the access, egress and lockdown capabilities they need. 


Property owners can make the most of their investments by making us partners as the multi-family market is growing every day. 

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Innovation that was born from a commitment to finding the best possible solution is still a part of the DNA at BEST. 

Company Profile 

In 1919 Frank Best invents the small format interchange core and files a patent application for the first interchangeable core lock. This was the start of the transformation in the lock industry. 

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