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Black Powder Coated 1/2" Glass Low Profile Tapered Door Rail Without Lock - 35-3/4" Length

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CRL DR2TBL12S Black Powder Coated 1/2" Glass Low Profile Tapered Door Rail Without Lock - 35-3/4" Length

Item #: DR2TBL12S by CR Laurence

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  • 35-3/4" (908 mm) Length for 1/2" (12 mm) Glass
  • Use Monolithic Tempered Glass
  • Patented Wedge-Lock® Glass Securing System
  • Low Profile Rails are Only 2-5/16" (59 mm) Tall
  • Available Without Locks Only
  • Matching Sidelite Rails Available






Without Lock


Tapered Door Rail

Glass Thickness

1/2" (12 mm)


Gloss Black



Glazing Thickness



Gloss Black

Removable Covers


Includes Lock








Nominal Height

2-5/16 in. (59 mm)

Our CRL Low Profile Door Rail measures only 2-5/16" (59 mm) tall by 1-1/2" (38 mm) wide, and yet it incorporates our patented Wedge-Lock® Glass Securing System (U.S. Patents 6,434,905 and 6,912,818 B2, Canadian Patent 2,419,706, and European Patent No. EP 1 404 939 B1) CRL Low Profile Door Rails come complete with End Caps and are ready-to-install. They also come with installation instructions and adjustment wrenches.
The Wedge-Lock® Glass Securing System gives you more than a secure attachment to the glass. It provides the fastest installation time of any door rail system offered to the industry. Experienced installers can have a door prepared for installation in less than ten minutes.
CRL Wedge-Lock® Door Rails come completely fabricated and ready-to-install right out of the carton with the End Caps installed. After the rail is installed, the only thing required before hanging the door is to attach the door arm or pivot (not included) to the adjustable door alignment slide already assembled in the Door Rail. The Adjustable Door Alignment System feature allows you to adjust the door 1/8" (3 mm) toward or away from the jamb without removing the door. This is standard on both top and bottom rails.
After the door is installed all you need do to adjust the door is to remove the End Cap. This will reveal three socket head cap bolts. The center bolt is the securing bolt used to lock the adjustable slide in position. The two outer bolts are used to adjust the slide 1/8" (3 mm) in or out. The low profile of the adjustable slide allows the pivots with slotted grooves to be moved to a position other than the American Standard Setback of 2-3/4" (69.8 mm). This means we can fabricate them for vertically out-of-square openings.
Other reasons to choose Wedge-Lock® Door Rails: Models are available to accept 3/8" to 3/4" (10 or 19 mm) glass; a rigid single component housing that will not shift and fall out of adjustment over time because it is not made up of two halves; the internal components do not require removal before installation; the glass securing pads are designed for longevity in extreme environments.
NOTE: All Wedge-Lock® Door Rails feature the built-in Jamb Alignment Block, but arms and pivots must be ordered separately to meet job requirements.
CRL Wedge-Lock® Door Rails come in several standard finishes, and can be quoted in custom finishes and widths upon request. Rail Specifications, Templates and Hardware Packages are available from DK Hardware Sales e-mail.
• All Door Rails are supplied with standard Kwik-Adjust® Pivot Alignment System. Closer Arms and Floor or Overhead Pivots must be ordered separately.
• Models with Locks are supplied with the Lock Mechanism installed. Matching finish Keyed Cylinders or Thumbturns must be ordered separately.
• End Caps are included in the stock Door Rail lengths below. Door Rail length (including End Caps) must be specified when ordering Custom Length Rails.
NOTE: Pivot inserts: 1NT701, 1NT703, and 1NT704 are sold separately for the use of either overhead or floor closers.
• End Caps are included with all Low Profile Door Rails. Door Rail length (including End Caps) must be specified when ordering Custom Length Rails.
• All Low Profile Door Rails are prepped to receive any of the Low Profile Door Rail Pivot Inserts (sold separately).
• Installation instructions and adjustment wrenches are included.
• For Low Profile Patch Door Rail.