Designed, Machined, & Assembled in the USA

Our Founder 

BrassCraft Manufacturing was founded on the desire to sell innovative products. Its founder, Robert Zell, set the standard for modern-day plumbing.  

Our Vision  

To promote the professional plumber and only offer the highest quality, innovative products, is the driving force of the organization. 

Our workforce 

With years of experience to their credit, our employees make sure Brasscraft Manufacturing produces high quality, and reliable products plumbers depend on to make their work a success 


Serving Community 

Brasscraft Manufacturing Co. is proud of the contributions our employee volunteers offer each year to help our communities. Taking on responsibility for the common good is a fundamental characteristic of our culture. 

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 BrassCraft products are made from high-quality materials and processes that ensure their quality and reliability. 

Company Profile 

Brasscraft Manufacturing Company is one of the world’s leading designers, manufacturers, and distributors of plumbing products for the new construction and repair and remodels markets. We have facilities in Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina, California, and Texas. The company was founded by Robert Zell in Detroit Michigan in 1946, and the company continues his promise of quality and innovation

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