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About Campbell Manufacturing Inc

Providing a water water filtration and purification systems, featuring well points, wire and pipe protectors, hydrant repair kits, pressure gauges, and more.
Company Profile
Founded in 1915 and now headquartered in Bechtelsville, Pennsylvania, Campbell Manufacturing, LLC, has solidified its position as a leading force in the water systems industry. Specializing in meeting the diverse needs of residential and light-duty commercial applications, Campbell is renowned for its comprehensive solutions. In 2008, the company joined the esteemed Baker Manufacturing Company, LLC, as part of the Baker Water Systems Division alongside Monitor and Monoflex.
This affiliation has positioned Campbell as a prominent manufacturer and supplier of water-related solutions, ranging from groundwater well systems to water well accessories, sewage, sump pump solutions, and water filtration and treatment systems. With over a century of experience, Campbell Manufacturing continues to evolve and excel, driven by a dedication to excellence that remains at the forefront of the water systems industry.
Campbell Manufacturing Inc is a leader in water systems, offering a comprehensive array of high-quality products to address various needs. Its standout offerings are well points, ensuring efficient water extraction for residential and light-duty commercial applications. Innovative insider connectors provide efficient solutions for seamless connections, while hydrant repair kits equip users with essential tools to maintain and enhance system functionality. The product line extends to pipe extenders, pressure gauges, universal cup leather, repair couplings, check valves, foot valves, snifter air valves, and air volume controls, catering to diverse system requirements with precision and reliability. Campbell's products exemplify the brand's dedication to providing complete solutions for water systems.

 Dedication to Customer Satisfaction

Campbell Manufacturing Inc takes pride in its unwavering commitment to service, considering it an integral part of its mission to exceed customer expectations. Grounded in a customer-first approach, Campbell's service ethos ensures that every interaction, from product inquiries to technical assistance, is characterized by responsiveness, expertise, and a genuine dedication to customer satisfaction. The brand's service philosophy reflects a deep understanding of its customers' needs, fostering lasting partnerships and being a trusted ally in the water systems industry.

Quick and Secure Transactions

The innovative solutions offered by Campbell are reflected not only in its product line but also in its customer service. Whether guiding professionals through complex water system applications or assisting DIY enthusiasts with their projects, the brand's commitment to service excellence ensures that customers can access a vast selection of products on DK Hardware. It also offers quick and secure transactions for individual and bulk purchases.