About Cash Acme

Provides Heating and Plumbing Valves and Supplies.


Company Profile 

Cash Acme is home to a industry-trusted lineup of integrated plumbing valves and supplies for residential and commercial integrated plumbing solutions. With the help of our well-regarded product range, we have earned the reputation of having successfully served the general heating and plumbing industry for almost a century. Check out our top-of-the-line water control valves, sharkbite fittings, or any other plumbing supplies that seamlessly integrate into your projects.

Cash Acme’s lead-free plumbing products are the ultimate plumbing solution. Our commitment to quality is driven by a century of success with plumbing products that stand the test of time. Cash Acme’s ISO 9001-certified quality assurance processes ensure that every valve that leaves our facility is tested to meet our high standards.

Strong Focus on Quality and Excellence 

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Cullman, Alabama allows us to perfect every single step of the manufacturing process. As a result, all Cash Acme General Plumbing products are engineered to fit plumbing systems in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors easily and effectively. 

Innovative Product Catalogue 

With the experience of over a century of service, Cash Acme is an industry trendsetter with some of the most unique plumbing solutions. Our push-to-connect fittings feature innovative valve technology to make installation easier and long-lasting.

Your Safety is Our Priority 

Keeping in mind the safety of our customers, we manufacture completely lead-free material that complies with the US 2014 Safe Water Drinking Act (SWDA). All of our non-potable products are carefully designed to safeguard all types of water systems and meet all safety standards.

Complete Product Customization 

Each member of our expert team undergoes 1,500+ hours of annual training a year to ensure the best products and services are provided to you. These intensive training sessions help us implement customized water control systems to better meet your needs.



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Atlanta, Georgia 30318 United States