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Our Approach 


We listen, design, and build. We solve real-world work problems by providing our customers with smart, durable products. 


Innovation Our DNA  


Since the very beginning, we’ve made innovative, high-quality products that make people’s lives easier and jobs safer. 

Our People 


We foster a culture of excellence. The COAST workforce takes every opportunity to transform job responsibilities into business opportunities. 


Our Design 


Real people, real work, real needs. The design for every COAST product starts with a potent combination of all three. 

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COAST lights, knives, and multi-tools are engineered in state-of-the-art labs to solve state-of-the-field needs. The result is tools with excellent function both inside and out made possible by a long list of patented innovations. 

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It doesn’t count if you can’t count on it every time. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities produce lights, knives, and multi-tools with technical specs consistent down to the micron. That’s the only way for people working in the most hazardous, high-stakes jobs—from law enforcement to chemical manufacturing—to be sure their device will perform exactly the same every time. We guarantee our products for life. 

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