Cobra Products

Power Machines  

From our high-torque hand-held model to our top-of-the-line 40-Series with 1/3 horsepower motor, Cobra machines feature tough, corrosion-resistant construction and precise speed control.  


Drum Augers  

The Cobra Pro auto-feed drum auger features a comfortable pistol grip for enhanced control. A quick-lever cable lock enables faster cable adjustments, while the high-carbon spring wire, rugged drum design, and tough construction ensures long-lasting use.  

Toilet Augers  

These heavy-duty augers are ideal for residential and commercial applications. They feature non-slip grip handles, a sturdy safety-guide tube, and a vinyl bowl guard to prevent scratches.  


Replacement Parts  

Keep your Cobra Pro tools in top form with our line of replacement cables. Constructed from high tensile-strength music wire, they are available in a variety of lengths. 

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We provide the right drain cleaning tools for professional plumbers to power through any clog. Our quality products are dependable tools for a wide range of drain cleaning jobs.  

Company Profile 

Our hardwork and sincerity has paid off with our loyal customers for years. We design these tools to fight the toughest clogs– even in the harshest environments. For precise control and user safety, the engineered pro tools employ materials and construction at the top of the toughness scale.

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