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Automatic Power Machines 

To make your life easier, we provide high-torque, hand-held tools that are automated with horsepower motors. 


Enhanced Drum Augers 

If you are looking for drum augers with a comfortable and enhanced grip, then our range of drum augers with high-carbon spring wire is just what you need. 

Heavy-Duty Toilet Augers 

We have scratch-resistant, heavy-duty toilet augers with non-slip grip handles, ideal for residential and commercial applications.  

Wide Range of Replacement Parts 

To keep your Cobra tools in the best possible condition, we offer a line of affordable and durable replacement parts made with tensile-strength music wire. 

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We provide drain cleaning tools that power through any clog. Made with tough and corrosion-resistant materials, our drain cleaning tools feature high speed, enhanced grip, and rugged drum designs that ensure long-term usage. Check out our products here. 

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Company Profile 

Cobra Products stands for tough and trusted tools. Our team’s hard work and sincerity goes a long way in building loyal customers. Our tools are specially designed to fight the toughest clogs in the harshest environments. For enhanced control and safety, all our engineered pro-tools are made of materials that score at the top of the toughness scale. Cobra Products is your one-stop-shop for tools for drain cleaning, plumbing hand tools, and brushes. You can trust our products for power, precision, and performance.

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