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Offers high-quality Packaging Solutions.

Company Profile 

D & W Fine Pack is a Mid Oaks Investments portfolio company and provides a wide range of products serving the foodservice and food packaging industry. D&W was formed through the acquisitions of Wilkinson Industries (2004), Dispoz-o Products (2009), C&M Fine Pack (2009), and Tri-City Packaging (2010). We help restaurants chains create a bold statement with a perfect match of food and presentation that will excite and draw customers. We manufacture rigid plastic thermoformed containers and aluminum containers serving the restaurant, bakery, grocery, produce and food processor markets. Our innovative product designs and styles optimize your food's appetite appeal and control portion size while adding value, convenience, and versatility. We offer solutions committed to quality, service, value and innovation. 

D & W Fine Pack assures its employees are fully engaged to exceed the needs of its customers, ensuring years of successful partnerships and mutual growth. The company invites you to experience the difference, experience a new kind of supplier and take your business to a higher level. Find a range of products from D & W Fine Pack here at DK Hardware. 

Our Mission 

D&W Fine Pack provides a wide range of products serving the food service and food packaging industry. The company has made its mission to act with integrity for the betterment of both the food industry and its customers. 


Our Vision 

D&W Fine Pack wants to be the partner of choice in food packaging and tableware solutions for the markets it serves. D&W takes pride in its ability to not only ideate, but to create the physical products it delivers to its customers. 

Our Goal 

D&W Fine Pack has built a business that helps its clients achieve the goals they have set for their markets and their communities. The company is dedicated to upholding its four core values: to be the supplier of choice, to create a national footprint, to provide custom solutions, and to produce quality products. 


Our Products 

D&W Fine Pack is renowned for manufacturing high-quality products that offer the perfect blend of style and elegance. It offers Enrironware Monarch Teaspoon, Bowl Tradewinds, and Senate Spoon to name a few.