Company Profile

Detex products are durable, easy to install, innovative, technologically advanced and architecturally beautiful. For years, our products have secured buildings and the important contents they house across many industries and businesses, including retail, restaurant, school, hospital, manufacturing, warehouse and office. Detex specializes in providing the solutions required to protect the lives and property in your buildings

DETEX offers an array of industry-leading security door hardware products. DETEX's product line includes superior, heavy-duty exit devices and economical premium options for door alarms, key vaults, access control devices, low energy automatic operators and more.


DETEX Corporation was originally established in 1878 by Abraham A. Newman to manufacture and sell stationary watches.

The Long Journey  

DETEX has over 140 years of involvement in the watch industry, offering its customers unparalleled quality products, including exit devices and cylinder locks.


Thanks to a series of product improvements and changes over the years, the company has successfully modernized its product line. 

A New Name  

In 1964, WATCHCLOCK was removed from the company name, and DETEX Corporation became the official corporate designation.