About Dominion Sure Seal

Providing a varied range of automotive solutions, covering rust prevention, priming, welding, epoxy filling, bumper repair, polyurethane sealing, undercoating, and versatile adhesives.
Company Profile
Dominion Sure Seal Ltd. has been a frontrunner in developing high-performance automotive paint and body equipment since its establishment in 1972. As a premier manufacturer in the automotive industry, specialization lies in collision repair and protective formulas, providing an extensive range of products like protective undercoatings, paints, plastic repair solutions, sealants, anti-corrosion materials, liquid bed liners, adhesives, tapes, and specialty chemicals. Dominion Sure Seal Ltd. is a global leader with around fifty years of experience, showcasing innovation through milestones like introducing the first OEM-approved plastic repair line and the industry's inaugural spray-in liquid bedliner in 1996.
Dominion Sure Seal offers a comprehensive range of automotive solutions to various needs. The product line includes items that cater to rust prevention, priming, gravel guarding, welding applications, epoxy adhesive filling, bumper repair, container solutions, polyurethane adhesive/sealant, seam sealing, self-etch priming, undercoating, and versatile adhesive sealants. Dominion Sure Seal's diverse range of automotive products includes Ultimate Rust Preventative Coating, 3-in-1 Primer, Rust Inhibitor, SVG2 Gravel Guard, Copper Weld-Thru Primer, High Build 1K DTM Primer/Filler, SVG1 Gravel Guard, 2-Component Semi-Rigid Epoxy Adhesive Filler Kit, Bumper Repair Kit, No Drip Rust Proofing, Empty Schutz Can with Lid, BUC4 Undercoating, All-Purpose Sure Seal Adhesive Sealant, and more. Collectively, these products provide a diverse set of solutions for automotive maintenance and repair, ensuring quality and reliability. 

Customer-Centric Excellence

Dominion Sure Seal prioritizes customer-centric excellence. With a legacy of over five decades, the brand has earned acclaim for providing unmatched support globally. Grounded in a customer-first ethos, Dominion Sure Seal ensures every interaction, from product inquiries to technical assistance, reflects responsiveness, expertise, and a sincere dedication to customer satisfaction.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Dominion Sure Seal goes beyond traditional support, offering innovative solutions on DK Hardware to empower its customers. With a wide product range, easy accessibility, secure payments, and more, the brand caters to professionals in automotive applications and assists DIY enthusiasts. This service philosophy reflects a profound understanding of customer needs, building lasting partnerships and establishing Dominion Sure Seal as a trusted ally in the automotive care industry.



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