Accessory Hardware 

Don Jo’s accessory hardware is one of its best product lines, with products comprising of coat hooks, handrail brackets, window locks, finger pulls, and edge pulls. 


Door Controls 

Don Jo’s line of door controls comprises an assortment of door stops, latches, and crash chains that have the capability to stop or control door movement.  


Strike Plates 

Don Jo strike plates comprise of 2-inch to 18-inch adjustable strikes, T-lip strikes, double lip strikes, and replacement strikes that work with almost all types of door locks. 


Don Jo manufactures high-grade door, window, and cabinet hinges, including ball, plain-bearing, and electric hinges to ease door movement. 


Latch Protectors 

Don Jo’s latch protectors come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and finishes to protect the door from impact damage. 


Pushes and Pulls 

Made to ease operation and enhance the look of the door, Don Jo’s selection of pushes and pulls is elegance and utility at its best. 

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Hardware for Everything, Everyone 

Don Jo’s range of architectural hardware includes flush bolts and latches, door stops and holders, door coordinators, filler plates, hinges, kick plates, pivots, and much more. Hardware is available in a complete range of professional finishes to suit all types of architectural projects. 

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Company Profile 
Founded in 1980, Don Jo manufactures and supplies high quality, reliable products for the architectural hardware industries. From simple bolts to heavy-duty locks, Don Jo also manufactures reliable products to serve the locksmith industry. With a range of products including wrap-arounds, replacement strikes, remodeler plates, latch protectors, filler plates, door stops, pull and pushes, and kick plates, the brand covers a wide spectrum of hardware products. Don Jo is considered to be the best door hardware manufacturer with strong and versatile products to suit architectural hardware applications. 

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