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If you are living in a residential area, a door peephole is a necessity to be on a safer side. Read more


If you are living in a residential area, a door peephole is a necessity to be on a safer side. These are not only used for security purposes but also relieves your mind before you open the door. There is so much to look after when you have small kids, teenagers, and senior citizens living with you and a peephole just makes it easier for you to take action. Our peephole ranges from black finish to brushed nickel and antique brass. You can coordinate the finishes according to the look of your door as well as the interior. These are perfect to go with both wooden as well as metallic doors. You can install them at an appropriate height where an average person can easily peep through the hole. 

It has a clear lens to see through the door and helps you identify the person on the other side without leaving any scope of doubt. The lenses are compatible for people of all ages to see through and the peephole remains firmly attached to the door with no loose ends on either side. These are perfect for the hospitality industry because you will know who is knocking at your suite when you have many visitors coming to your place. We accept bulk purchase in that case and you can install these for each one of your rooms if you are having a large resort for families and youngsters. Please submit the quote and one of our executives will revert back to you about it. 

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Deltana 55211U19 Peep Hole Viewer Paint Black
$11.00 / Each
Deltana 55211U10B Deltana Peep Hole Viewer Oil-Rubbed Bronze
$5.71 / Each
Deltana 55211U15 Deltana Peep Hole Viewer Brushed Nickel
$5.87 / Each
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