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About Dremel

Manufactures Rotary, Saws, Oscillating Tools and other Accessories.

Company Profile

Dremel is a renowned American brand of power tools known for its rotary tools. The tools were initially developed by Albert J. Dremel, an Austrian immigrant who founded the Dremel Company in 1932 in Racine, Wisconsin. The Moto-Tool was one of the first products launched by the brand, which is the grandfather of today's rotary tool. Represented as "the pocket-sized machine shop for all of your needs," this tool could drill, polish, grind, saw, and much more. Since 1932, Dremel has been building the tools to empower its users to accomplish your vision, bringing your ideas to life. Dremel's activities in the Middle East, Europe, and Africa are operated by Dremel Europe, located in Breda, Netherlands. While the brand supports makers across the globe, it has not forgotten its Midwest hospitality. The brand’s Wisconsin-based customer support team is always ready to help, ensuring you’ll always be ready to make and create. 

A Dremel tool is the perfect choice to complete your professional project or bring your DIY and personal project ideas to life. The company has achieved global recognition within a very short span of time and has major global expansion plans for the near future.

Unmatched Quality   

The brand's focus on user application is the guiding star in its history. Dremel has refined the rotary tool, increasing its possible application by introducing cordless and numerous corded tool models. The brand has reinvented the oscillating and compact saw, setting the standard for what reliability and safety mean in the industry.  



Dremel is engaged in creating new and innovative technologies with Dremel DigiLab: building workhorse 3D printers and approachable, easy-to-use Laser Cutters. Also, the brand helps students across the world learn 21st-century skills that enhance their problem-solving and creativity. 

Dremel Promise   

Since 1932, Dremel has been building the tools to empower you to accomplish your vision, bringing your ideas to life. The brand believes that the world can be a richer and more personal place to live when we all create, reinvent, and refine. Whether cutting acrylic with our laser cutter or carving wood with our rotary tool, the brand promises to deliver long-lasting products that can keep at the pace of your imagination.



From engraving to cleaning, Dremel tools are ready to tackle anything with uncompromised efficiency. We have engraving tools, rotary tool kits, and battery replacement tools, to name a few.