200 Pint Portable Industrial Desiccant Dehumidifier for Basement, Crawl Space, Whole House and Warehouses - Yellow

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Ecor Pro EPD200 200 Pint Portable Industrial Desiccant Dehumidifier for Basement, Crawl Space, Whole House and Warehouses - Yellow

Item #: EPD200 by Ecor Pro

UPC #: 860001398069

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Introducing Ecor Pro's unique, patented, compressor-less, desiccant dehumidifiers for residential and commercial drying applications. Designed to work anywhere safely all day and every day. With our newly innovated and patented DryFan Zeolite Technology, moisture can be vented outside with the unit placed in any direction, as well as eliminating water containers, pumps and hoses that were included in traditional obsolete dehumidifiers. The EPD200 uses a 4-hole system. This 4-hole system is more effective at drying - firstly, all the dry Process air is passed back into the room and secondly, Regen air from outside of the room may be relatively wet. The EPD200 desiccant dehumidifier can work upside down or on it's side to enable easy mounting to ceilings and walls. Traditional refrigerant dehumidifiers are prone to stop working in cold environments, while Ecor Pro's desiccant dehumidifiers can pull moisture even at below 0°F room temperature. Compact and lightweight, almost a third of the size of comparable dehumidifiers, making the units easy to carry in 1 hand and transported from jobsite to jobsite. Typical applications include moisture and rust protection, warehouse storage, food and timber drying, car garages, hotels, offices, workshops, large homes and food storages.

  • Install it Anywhere: The Ecor Pro EPD200 was designed to work upside down, on its side, mounted to a wall or ceiling, or used as a freestanding unit on the ground. A replaceable 15-foot power cord is included with purchase.Â
  • Compact and Simple to Move:Â Its compact (13.58 x 13.86 x 30.8 in.) and lightweight (45 pounds) design makes it easy to transport from site to site. It's 1/3 the size of comparable compressor dehumidifiers and also includes carrying handles.Â
  • Ducting Option: Add 5-inch flex or hard ducting as needed for certain jobs where you won't place it in rooms that need dehumidification.
  • Pressure-Neutral Drying:Â This powerful model uses a second fan to exhaust out moisturized air, meaning pressure-neutral drying since the usable dry air never crosses with the exhaust air.Â
  • No pumps, hoses, water leaks or water containers since it exhausts out all moisture.
  • No compressor means it works down to -4 degrees F.
  • Simply turn it on, and it self-regulates to maintain a healthy humidity without wasting energy.
  • Long and Replaceable Power Cord:Â This dehumidifier uses a standard 120-volt outlet and includes a 15-foot power cord with purchase.Â
  • Auto Restart: If power is lost during operation, this dehumidifier will restart at its previous settings once power is restored.Â
  • Steel Design: Its interior and exterior are designed with steel for long-term use and to stand up to tough conditions.Â
  • Triple Safety Sensors: Sensors ensure it never overheats, while leaking isn't a problem since there's no collection bucket. Â
  • Dust Filter: A dust filter sits in a metal frame that can easily be shaken clean. Â
  • Large Operating Temperature: Use this impressive dehumidifier in temperatures between -4 and 104 degrees F.Â
  • Quiet Operation:Â Since it doesn't have a compressor, it's quieter than comparable models and is rated at 56 dB.Â
  • Self-Regulating Moisture Removal:Â Its fan auto-regulates to maximize efficiency even after ducting has been added.Â
  • Moisture and rust protection, warehouse storage, food drying, car garages, hotels, workshops, freezers to reduce ice build-up, and large homes for permanent use. Its desiccant rotor absorbs moisture with a vast surface area, which makes for efficient collection.
  • This Ecor Pro desiccant dehumidifier offers 309 CFMs of power, removes 200 pints of moisture per day and can be used in spaces up to 3,000 square feet.Â
  • DIY Installation:Â Professional installation isn™t required, but be sure to follow installation instructions closely.