Eemax Inc.

Why Eemax  

Eemax tankless water heaters heat water faster, with more precision, safety, performance, and advanced technology.   


Our Success  

We celebrated our 30th anniversary in 2018. Our success has made us the number one supplier of electric tankless water heating solutions in the U.S. 

Minimum Energy Bills  

Eemax’s advanced Direct Heating technology gives you hot water faster, more reliably, and without wasting energy.  


Best Technology  

To make sure you get the best product, Eemax water heaters undergo 10-year lifespan testing.  

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Eemax delivers innovative, energy-saving, consistent hot water for you. We are designing zero-emission buildings that will revolutionize the industry and help the environment. 

Company Profile

Eemax is the top supplier of tankless electric water heater solutions in the USA. We bring the most extensive green and environment-friendly water heaters. We’ve offered energy efficient, on-demand water heaters for commercial applications, residential homes, industrial and safety applications for more than 25 years now.

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