Energizer Holdings, Inc

About Us  

Energizer Holdings, Inc., is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. We are one of the world's largest manufacturers of primary batteries and portable lighting products. 


Our Purpose  

We're building a bright future with our will to win. We are focused on delivering long-term value to our shareholders, consumers, and customers.   

Our Legacy  

In 1890, we invented dry cell batteries. Since then, our pioneering spirit has driven us forward. We leave behind a rich history of highlights across numerous consumer brands.  


Our Responsibility  

Our approach to corporate responsibility boils down to one simple thought: "Do the right thing." 

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We at Energizer Holdings are a company of thoughtful, caring people, and the social focus of our sustainability efforts reflects this approach. 

Company Profile 

Energizer is also a leading designer and marketer of automotive fragrance and appearance products from recognized brands. As a global branded distributor of consumer products, our mission is to lead the charge to deliver value to our customers and consumers better than anyone else. 

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