Ergodyne strives to promote affordable safety solutions for the worker community. We believe that every worker must put on our gear and feel protected, every day. We combine safety with new technology to offer you dynamic products and top-of-the-line customer support. Find our products here.

Company Profile 

Ergodyne is intensely committed to the safety of its workers. With a passionate army of global representatives and distributors, our teams are trained to serve millions of workers all over the world. We fulfill this passion with our unique combination of listening, educating, and focusing on nothing less than excellence for the worker community. We meet the demands of safety pros and workers with innovative and well-crafted gear. Our product range is designed to prevent mishaps and injuries during any task.  

Our Commitment 

Ergodyne holds hundreds of global patents and trademarks that reflect our strong commitment to building innovative and tenacious solutions for workers.  


Our Team 

Ergodyne is a workforce of professionals dedicated to delivering safety, excellence, and adherence to our company ethos.

Our Mission 

Ergodyne's chief mission is to equip workers with durable and injury-proof traction devices, locking carabiners, and cable lanyard tools

Our Priority 

We offer durable winter hats, water-resistant pouches, and Balaclava face masks that keep you comfortable and injury-free