Alkaline Batteries 

Our alkaline batteries are engineered to provide long-lasting power for toys, digital cameras, or any other battery-run products. To further ensure their durability, our alkaline batteries hold power for up to 10 years in storage. 

LED Headlamps 

Our LED headlamps are perfect for any indoor and outdoor situation by combining the latest technology with enhanced functionality. 

Lithium Batteries 

Nothing can outlast the long-lasting power of our lithium batteries. Designed with a safety-conscious and leak-proof design, you can depend on them to always power your smart home systems, surveillance systems, and more.

LED Flashlights 

Our Eveready flashlights are equipped with a bright white LED light and corrosion-resistant body. Made with convenient, built-in rings for hanging, our flashlights are perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

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Since the 1900s, Eveready has been trusted by families across the globe to power all kinds of devices, be it small toys or large industrial surveillance systems. Our name stands for trust, durability, sustainability, and reliability. Find our trusted Eveready batteries here. 

Company Profile 

For over a century, EVEREADY BATTERIES has powered people’s lives with a variety of batteries – alkaline, rechargeable, heavy-duty, portable, and more. Our mission and motto are “Every family. Everywhere. Every day,” which signifies our passion and commitment to providing durable and safe battery products to meet the needs of all customers. Our team of experts at every facility prioritizes your safety above everything, which is why we include leak-proof, corrosion-resistant, and easy-to-use features in all our products. Join the Eveready customer family to experience high-performing, professional batteries that keep all your battery-powered devices running safely. 

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