Handheld Lights 

EVEREADY┬« has economical and dependable handheld lights for the whole family. Their quality, performance, and economy make our lights perfect for everyday use. 

Area Lights  

Area lights are a safe, reliable way to provide bright, 360-degree, area lighting that lasts all night and through storms.  

Novelty Lights 

Small and portable, EVEREADY® novelty lights provide different ways to see and be seen after dark.


White LED headlights produce bright, even light for completing any task around the house. 

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Since the company's inception, families have used EVEREADY batteries to power their toys, clocks, and other everyday devices. The EVEREADY name continues to stand for trust, durability, sustainability, and reliability. 

Company Profile

In the early 1900s the American Eveready Company, developer of the flashlight, joined hands with the National Carbon Company, developer of the first D-sized dry cell battery. Through years of innovation and development, they developed AA size batteries, AAA batteries, and alkaline batteries.  

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