Fernco, Inc

Our Commitment 

We are committed to satisfying our customers and preserving the environment. For over 50 years we believe in providing trustworthy customer service and green manufacturing processes.  

Our Growth 

With the new and dynamic machines, Fernco has increased production immensely and simultaneously decreased energy consumption by half.

Our Products 

Our flexible couplings are made to suit all your needs with variants ranging from no-hub couplings, rubber couplings, and shielded couplings

Our Innovative Technologies 

With state-of-the-art injection molding machines, our family farm and home products are sturdy, easy-to-use, and exceptionally designed. 

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At Fernco we believe in constantly evolving our product line by integrating innovative ideas. Our team of experts provides on-time, cost-effective injection molding, and assembly along with a wide range of specialty polymers. So, choose Fernco for your next PVC project and find our product line here

Company Profile 

Established in 1964, Fernco began in a Master Plumber’s garage with just one patent on our first product.  After continuous research and development along with experimentation and testing, we introduced our first flexible Fernco coupling in 1973. Since then, it has been a journey filled with global expansion, building a loyal customer base, and curating a dynamic product line. By settling unmatched standards for performance, availability, and support, our team is committed to a single goal total customer satisfaction. The Fernco team is filled with hard-working crafts-persons who believe in manufacturing in America, investing in the future of American communities, and building products that satisfy the American quality standards. 

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